About Us

Lonnie Lischka Company is a Bellville, Texas based civil construction contractor. Our focus is the Southeast Texas market, specializing in mass excavation and concrete drainage structures for Master Planned Communities, Large-Scale Commercial Development, Mine Reclamation, Flood Protection and Infrastructure projects.

Lischka excels in mass excavation and concrete drainage structures, by instilling a Competitive, Hardworking, Dependable, Honest, & Team Oriented attitude, which enables us to partner with engineers and owners to perform their civil construction projects, accurately and on-time!

Honest, Hardworking, Team Oriented & the Whatever It Takes Attitude are just a few of the values that make Lischka, LISCHKA!

Lischka strives to provide engineers and owners with competitive high-quality civil construction services for the purpose of making a profit with integrity to invest in our team members and pursue opportunities that safely diversify and sustain our business for the future.

Core Values:



Family Oriented

Never Give Up




Sense of urgency

Whatever It Takes